Adult Bible Studies

Our Adult Sunday school classes are made available for the equipping of the saints through practical Bible teaching that leads you to life application of what you’re learning.  Through our Adult Bible classes, we want to take you from being a passive disciple to an active disciple, from one who is devolved to one who is involved, from one who’s unequipped to being equipped for the work of the ministry.  Our Adult Bible classes also provide a platform for you to get to know other members of the church and act as a support group to one another.  We currently have two Adult Bible classes available and would love to have you in one of them.

Adult Bible Fellowship 1
This class meets in a small group style and consists of both adult singles and adult couples. Topics include studies through the archaeological eras of the Bible, in-depth study of Bible prophecy and guest lectures from leadership in our church.

Adult Bible Fellowship 2
This adult class meets in the main auditorium and studies diverse topics. A common series may be on a particular book in the Bible such as “The Book of Esther” or a topical study such as “Spiritual Warfare”.