Children’s Sunday School

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Nursery Sunday School Hour
Using a curriculum designed for babies and toddlers, the Lil’ Sprouts class introduces babies and toddlers to God, their creator, and to Jesus, God’s Son. The teachers communicate God’s love for babies and toddlers by meeting their needs.


Preschool Sunday School Class
Our preschool class for ages 4-6 presents foundational Biblical truths concerning creation, Jesus, salvation, and living for God. Our curriculum recognizes that Pre-Primaries are starting to understand the need for personal salvation and provides opportunities for students to trust in Christ as their Savior and then begin to live for Him. Classes include Bible stories, music time and simplified discipleship style lessons.


Ages 7-9 Sunday School Class
Students in this class will travel through God’s Word, from the account of creation through God’s plan for the future. This class puts the Biblical pieces together for the students and helps them understand God’s overall plan for redemption. As students move through the curriculum, they develop a deeper trust in God and have the opportunity to respond to Him in personal, practical ways.


Ages 10-12 Sunday School Class
This preteen level class is a course that encourages students to live out their faith. Students learn to study and respond to God’s Word as they complete insightful classwork. At this age, the students are given support to read through all of God’s Word and are prompted to have personal daily devotions. This class forms a valuable opportunity for students to learn to live like Christ